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Ohio Nature Photography Meetup

Spring is almost here and I recently created a new group for nature photographers – the Ohio Nature Photography Meetup Group!  This group is for anyone (beginner to advanced) interested in learning nature photography in and around the Columbus, Ohio area. Meetings will be led by Ohio Nature Photographer Vincent Nobel (Vince).  Our goal is to learn together and have fun!  Monthly meetings will include instructional photo tours to such areas as Hocking Hills State Park, Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks, and State Nature Preserves. Topics will include landscape photography, macro and close-up, creative exposures, flower photography, and creative compositions. We’ll be adding a continuing series of classroom sessions to include basic camera, exposure basics, and macro as well as digital post production to include photoshop, and NiK Software’s suite of creative photo plugins. Thanks again! – Vince

Ohio Nature Photography




Metro Parks Parkscope – Frozen Oak

In honor of 2014′s “Polar Vortex” I thought I’d share one of my favorite images.  Frozen Oak was taken at Glacier Ridge Metro Park, Ohio.  This image is currently featured in the Winter edition of Metro Park’s Parkscope Magazine.  Pick one up at any of your local Metro Parks and remember to stay warm!   Interested in learning to become a better photographer??  Check out my current workshops and field sessions – - Thanks for viewing! – Vince


More Photography Workshops for 2014


Thanks so much for your interest in my photography instruction.  I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years and have taught beginning through advanced photographers for the past 4 years.  I currently teach as an Adjunct Photography Instructor at Columbus State Community College.  I’m also a PPA Certified Professional Photographer.  Please check back as I’ll be adding more sessions throughout the year.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thanks again!


Field Sessions -

Field Sessions are designed to provide hands on experience in a small group setting.  You will learn to create images while receiving individual instruction.  Sessions will be available throughout the year and will be approximately 3 hours in length.



Classroom Sessions:

New for 2014!  Coming Soon!


New - Creative Exposure – Beyond the Basics - Registration Info  - coming soon!


Hocking Hills Spring Waterfall Tour: 


Private Instruction -

Private instruction sessions are available for individuals and small groups.  The best way to learn is by doing!  Working side-by-side with a professional photographer will enhance your understanding of the photographic process and allow you to reach your goals as a photographer much quicker - Much quicker than any new piece of gear!  Each session is tailored to the unique needs of the individual or group.  Topics range from basic camera instruction, lighting techniques, and digital post production using Photoshop and Plug-ins.    Sessions are available on location in the Central Ohio area.   Please contact Vince to discuss your specific photographic goals.   - BGN INT ADV*

Cost: $45/hour (two hour minimum)

Contact: Vince Nobel @ vincenobel or cell – 614-378-9511

*BGN – Beginner

*INT – Intermediate

*ADV – Advanced

2014 Photo Workshops – Save the Dates!


I’ve been busy filling Holiday print orders and have finally started working on the 2014 Spring Workshop Schedule.   This year I’ll continue with the small group sizes (limit 6) for my field workshops.  I’ll be heading back down to Hocking Hills for a Spring Waterfall Tour as well.  New this year will be a series of classroom sessions held at World of Used Photography in Grandview!  Tentative classes and dates are listed below.  I’ll have full details with registration info posted by Monday 12/23/2013.  Please let me know if you have questions.  Have a great week!   – Vince


Registration is OPEN –  More information at


Classroom Sessions:

Intro To Digital Photography – The Camera  02/08/2014

Exposure Basics – Saturday 2/22/2014

Creative Compositions – Saturday 3/15/2014

Close-up and Macro Basics – Saturday 3/29/2014

New - Creative Exposure – Beyond the Basics - Registration Info  - coming soon!


Field Sessions at Inniswood Metro Gardens:

Finding Flowers – Sunday 5/4/2014

Finding Flowers – Saturday 5/10/204

Finding Flowers  - Saturday 5/17/2014


Hocking Hills Spring Waterfall Tour: 

Friday 4/18/2014


Custom Two Hour Private Sessions




Fill Your Photographic Frame

I love simple images in the natural world of close-up and macro photography. Why?  It’s simple.  Simple usually equals successful.   When I find a subject that wows me the first thing I observe is the background to determine if I can isolate my subject.  I look for flowers or leaves isolated from distracting backgrounds.  The more distance I have between my subject and a distracting background the more blur or bokeh I can add to the background with shallow depth of field.  I may choose to completely blur the background or add some detail just by adding a little depth of field with a simple aperture adjustment.  However, nature doesn’t always cooperate and I have to switch tactics if I really love my subject with its horrid backdrop.  The alternative is to fill your frame with the subject thus eliminating all the mayhem residing beyond the crop.   The image below is a great illustration of this concept.   I was drawn to this leaf by the dappled morning sun as it skimmed across the surface.  The only issue was the surrounding leaves looked worn and tattered.  Even this leaf had a large gapping hole just out of my cropped area.  By filling my frame I was able to salvage a poor scene to produce an acceptable image.   After zooming in to this scene I was no longer photographing a leaf but a small landscape full of color, lines, and shapes.